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Default vision v40-104 modulators.... where can I get instructions fromthe internet?

On 09/03/2017 19:04, wrote:

If your email address works you have mail. It's a bit crumpled.

Fabulous... I have recieved your email and printed it off.... It will help me enormously with
the 5 v40-104s i have to date.

Also, I have a few of these spare because I'm in the process of
abandoning analogue CCTV distribution at home. I have disconnected ten
from the mains and reckon I will save about £60 per year in leccy.

replacing with DVB-T2 mods that can take 4 inputs by any chance? They are pricey...

Eventually, but that would also need TVI to HDMI converters. Unless
someone brings out DVB T2 mods with TVI input.
I'm keeping one analogue channel for a while for the sake of the little
monitors I have scattered around. I mainly use the 16 screen matrix that
comes from the HDR. I'm more interested in recording the pictures than
looking at them.