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Default Hybrid electric generators

On Wed, 8 Mar 2017 22:51:50 +0000, Ian Jackson

There's just been an item on the 10:30pm BBC 1 local news for London
about using a hybrid generator to supply the electricity for the
operations to demolish a Ford site in Dagenham.

The hybrid generator uses diesel and electricity - so when it's running
on electricity, it's using electricity to generate electricity.

Are we approaching the time when efficiencies of more than 100% can be

Not yet!

This describes a hybrid generator system. As it says, the power is
provided by the battery, with the diesel generator running only when it
is needed to recharge the battery:


A potential solution to these challenges is now emerging in the form
of hybrid power systems incorporating a cycling rechargeable
battery. Rather than using the diesel generator as the primary power
source, the hybrid system relies on the battery as its primary
source of power, with the genset providing the recharging current.

This approach is targeted mainly at installations where grid
connectivity is unavailable or unstable, requiring diesel generators
to be running for at least 30 per cent of each day. In addition to
new-build sites, this system can also be used as a retrofit

The main advantage of this hybrid system is a reduction in operating
costs (OPEX) of 50 to 85 per cent combined with a reduction in
carbon emissions of 48 to 80 per cent, depending on site load,
compared with continuous generator operation. The gensets only need
to run for a fraction of the time, reducing fuel consumption,
emissions and maintenance requirements.

Peter Duncanson