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Default Hybrid electric generators

Yes but this was not what the piece actually said. I heard it on both itv
and bbc, and I suspect the same source for both.
The one thing we all need is an efficient way to store electricity, and
that seems to have eluded people for many years.
I wonder what the cost of making, say a single use alkaline battery is and
the cost of disp0osing of it, ie what is its efficiency from start to end.

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"Tim+" wrote in message
Ian Jackson wrote:
There's just been an item on the 10:30pm BBC 1 local news for London
about using a hybrid generator to supply the electricity for the
operations to demolish a Ford site in Dagenham.

The hybrid generator uses diesel and electricity - so when it's running
on electricity, it's using electricity to generate electricity.

Are we approaching the time when efficiencies of more than 100% can be

Unless you can provide a link to the original story I think either you or
the broadcaster has misunderstood/misquoted something.

A quick internet search suggests that hybrid generators have a battery
to supply power during times of low power demand when the generator would
normally be working at low efficiency.


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