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Default vision v40-104 modulators.... where can I get instructions fromthe internet?

On 08/03/2017 23:08, wrote:
Hi all,

Over a period of time I have been quietly buying vision v40-104 modulators from ebay so tha

t I can feed 8 CCTV cameras into my freeview/freesat/fm/dab distribution

(the 700 MHz clearance will provide me with extra UHF channels to add the rest of the cam

eras after already populating 62, 64, 66 and 68 for the 1st 4 cameras)

Only trouble is they did not come with any instructions... I've goo

gled high and low for them...

Can any kind soul

That's me. I'm a kind soul.

provide a link to where I can find e-instructions for the

Vision V40-104 modulators?

also has anyone ever succeeded in using adjacent UHF channels with these DSB

modulators? Wondering if i can use UHF Chs 61, 63, 65 and 67 in addition?

Thank you in anticipation


If your email address works you have mail. It's a bit crumpled.

Also, I have a few of these spare because I'm in the process of
abandoning analogue CCTV distribution at home. I have disconnected ten
from the mains and reckon I will save about £60 per year in leccy.

They are OK for every second channel use but not adjacent. However you
can use them adjacent at ch-1 next to a broadcast mux. In other words,
if the mux is on 51 you can use one on 50, but not on 52.

If you use channels outside broadcast bear in mind that the new users
will be shoving all sorts of ****e down your aerial.

As always, when combining modulators and modulators and off-air, always
use single channel pass filters.