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On Wed, 8 Mar 2017 10:48:29 -0800 (PST), "R. Mark Clayton"

On Wednesday, 8 March 2017 16:33:13 UTC, Brian Gaff wrote:
Well, the problem is there has never been a time when something new and
different has been very near to happening.
Back in the early 50s, the tvs tended to have no tuner, just a plug in coil
set inside for the bbc channel in the area you were in, then, shock horror
ITV was going to be transmitted on the very high frequency of band III.
Loads of scrambling later weird dodgy conversions came out trying to use
band one as the If, but if you were too near to the station, no chance of ex
cluding bbc.
Not only that but you needed two aerials as well.
So do not fret. When BBC2 came out on UHF we had at least by then got
multi channel turret tuners like the fireball, with its planned self
destruct mechanism.

You needed two aerials again of course but also two completely different IF
and video systems and intercarrier fm sound that was half a meg out with all
other countries in the world. almost as clever as the French, who went for a
different colour system and positive going video. It was a bit of a climbe
down though as the French had high definition before anyone else and
downgraded from 819lines to 625 for colour.

There are lots and lots of stories about 625 ready sets in this country
which were none of the sort as they thought it was just a frequency and
line number change.

They weren't just a story - my parents bought a Bush TV supposedly ready for UHF, but when 625 came it turned out there was no UHF tuner inside!

The Thorn 800 chassis was described as "convertible", but the only
ones I saw converted for UHF/625 were at the hands of enthusiasts, not