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Default humax freesat box fault?

This sounds almost like a power supply issue.
Might be worth looking for dodgy connections to the mains and sockets or
wall warts or power leads.

I had a timer that would gain minutes every time the strip light in the next
rooms cabinet was switched on. turned out to be the electronic starter
device in the end. You could make it go mental if you held an old pifco
fluorescent torch near the device. It was in a Philips video.
Very odd.

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I have a humax 1010s freesat box and I have it set to display the time
on the front.

I didn't know that there was a choice :-)

Every now and again the display will blank for a few
minutes at a time. Is this a known "feature" or is it a bug? Is it
updating whilst the display blanks? It is frustrating that I cannot
see the clock during this time. I am not in front of the box all day,
but it does it at least once every day whilst I am in the room.

Does your box sometimes reset itself and bring up the stupid start up menu
whilst you are watching.

perhaps there is a connection