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Default humax freesat box fault?


I have a humax 1010s freesat box and I have it set to display the time
on the front. Every now and again the display will blank for a few
minutes at a time. Is this a known "feature" or is it a bug? Is it
updating whilst the display blanks? It is frustrating that I cannot
see the clock during this time. I am not in front of the box all day,
but it does it at least once every day whilst I am in the room.

The other annoying thing about this is that when this happens,
something also happens on the hdmi output because if I am watching my
bluray player, when the clock blanks, the tv will switch to the
freesat input as if the unit has triggered the tv by powering on.

I should add that I only have one satellite cable going to the
receiver. Is this relevant? The other input is not connected; should I
fit a terminator to the unused input?

Thanks, Stephen.