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Default SS:GB Pic wobble?. Episode 3

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On Monday, 6 March 2017 02:43:27 UTC, tony sayer wrote:
Is it me or did anyone notice the picture waving about a bit from 3:55
mins in?. It was there on the live broadcast and now on iplayer too?.
Tony Sayer

I did notice that it was getting slower and slower.

An opportunity missed. No tension, no moral dilemmas about whether to
collaborate or to resist - not much anyway.


I'd like to see C J Sansom's "Dominion" dramatised for TV. A much better
book on the same principle of "what if Churchill hadn't come to power and
Chamberlain had capitulated to the Germans", especially as it ends with
Churchill taking over from Chamberlain (or someone of similar views who
succeeded him) - just a few years later than in reality.

I'm recording SS-GB and I'll get round to watching it (along with Victoria,
the latest series of Endeavour and the final series of Downton Abbey) at
some point - as long as it doesn't go the way of Wolf Hall and I give up
half-way through (the dramatisation of Wolf Hall was as dire as the novel,
in terms of WTF is going on and who is this character that is speaking now).

(*) Hilary Mantel wins my "gross overuse of pronouns" award for having many
scenes with two (or more) people speaking, and every line of dialogue is
prefixed with variations of "he said" (or even no indication of the speaker)
so you very quickly lose track of who said what. It needs a few
"resynchronising" pointers ("Fred said") so you can update your knowledge of
who's speaking in case you've lost the plot.