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Default Sky doing away with dishes??

"Brian Gaff" wrote in message
I was intrigued by a comment from an expert on one of these late night
phone ins the other day about the great plan for Sky is to be completely
internet based in a few years, thus no dish will be needed.
Does this not in effect make them a cable company?

I got the impression from reports that I read a few weeks ago that the
Sky-over-broadband proposals were to supply their channels *additionally*
over broadband for those who can't have a dish. I didn't get the impression
that they were planning later on to withdraw satellite broadcasting and to
supply *only* over broadband. I wonder if the broadband infrastructure in
the UK is up to the *enormous* increase in traffic that would result from
all people who currently receive by satellite going over to broadband.

Anyway, in giving some additional people (eg in apartments) access to Sky,
won't they be at risk of removing Sky access to everyone out in the sticks
who has poor internet. I was visiting someone the other day who gets about
250-300 kbps on a good day, interspersed with periods of no contact (eg no
ping) whatsoever, alternating every few minutes. Try getting Sky over that