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Default Where can I find the frequency plan for post 700 MHz switchover?

No its not you either get it or not whereas before you tended to get
ghosting floating images and line pairing effects.


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I have 4 TV aerials on my house, Sandy Heath, Oxford, Sutton
Coldfield and Waltham.

Via a few Televes Avant 5's, I have combined all 4 aerials so all
TVs get all four regions of ITV, BBC1, Oxford TV and 17 odd BBC
local radio.

I know that all four transmitters will have some changes as part of
the 700 MHz clearance programme, but where can I find the post 700
MHz clearance allocations?

Time was when such was a good idea, but given that the only
differences between the regions are the local news and Inside Out on
BBC, why bother?

And, of course, you can get all the different regions via satellite.

As for combining terrestrial aerials, how are you doing this? In the days
of analogue, simply using a wide spitter/combiner could (and, more often,
would) result in an unacceptable amount of multipath echoes. To do it
successfully, you had to ensure that each group of channels was adequately
filtered before the various frequencies were combined. However, I suppose
that digital may be more tolerant, and you might get away with it.