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Default Where can I find the frequency plan for post 700 MHz switchover?

Something i mentioned in the SAndy Heath thread. The adverts are sometimes
different as well, if you watch them.

I'd suspect that cramming the same into less is going to completey screw up
this sort of arrangement since more channel sharing has to be the outcome,

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I have 4 TV aerials on my house, Sandy Heath, Oxford, Sutton Coldfield and

Via a few Televes Avant 5's, I have combined all 4 aerials so all TVs get
all four regions of ITV, BBC1, Oxford TV and 17 odd BBC local radio.

I know that all four transmitters will have some changes as part of the
700 MHz clearance programme, but where can I find the post 700 MHz
clearance allocations?

Time was when such was a good idea, but given that the only differences
between the regions are the local news and Inside Out on BBC, why bother?


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