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Default Motorhome tv dead?

"Tim+" wrote in message news
Bill Wright wrote:
On 24/02/2017 18:37, Tim+ wrote:
Our small Cello TV/DVD combo in our motorhome has always behaved
but today despite excellent signal strength from Black Hill (we're
currently parked up east of Peebles), a channel scan is producing zilch.

We have a Fringe UHF TV signal finder so we're pretty happy that we're
getting a good signal. It has worked in this location before. I'm
that vibration has done for something internally. Is there much prospect
for a repair? Worth opening it up myself and having a gander? Any common
faults to look for?


Remove the aerial from the TV socket and touch the centre pin with a
small screwdriver as a temporary aerial. If that receives anything at
all your proper aerial is faulty.

Tried that. Nada.

Does the aerial have an amplifier that might need power to it?

Aerial plug shorted inside?

Both checked. Both okay. I fear something is broke inside.


Please don't feed the trolls

I used to fix TV's but they were mostly analogue tuners then. Fault like
this always check supply and tuning voltages first, supply should be fixed
and tuning will vary, 0-30V DC on older TV's, depending on channel. Check
for dry joints where tuner joins PCB, if tuner's easily opened check where
aerial socket is soldered to board, this is very common. If I was sure it
was a faulty tuner I couldn't fix myself I used to send them to MCES in
Manchester but it seems they're closed now. New tuners vary widely in price,
maybe look Ebay for a used one.