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Default Motorhome tv dead?

To start with Black Hill does not serve the Peebles area, or it is not
supposed to. If you are receiving it then you must be somewhere well
up the side of Dunslair Heights. If you are lower down I suspect you
will be receiving Selkirk which does cover parts of Peebles. Black
Hill is roughly NW of the town centre in pretty well the same
direction as Peebles transmitter, Selkirk is roughly SE or ESE from
the town centre.

Black Hill is channels 46, 43, 41, 44, and 47, and if you have HD then
40, 32, and 35 also. Local TV is on channel 51 but much lower power.

Selkirk is channels 50, 59, 57, 53, 60, and 55 for HD.

Selkirk is the first Tx to change for the 700MHz band clearance and it
starts on March 1st. On that day channel 50 will move to 32, then on
29th March the final move will take place to leave the line-up as 32,
33, 35, 36, and 48, and HD will move to 34. That of course will cause
problems if you can get good signals from both Selkirk and Black Hill!

I should add that I know the area well as I have family who live in
the town.


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