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Default Local Muxes from Hannington

On 23/02/2017 17:58, Brian Gaff wrote:
I can get Hannington here in Kingston UponThames on a hill. Its a bit
awkward sometimes since Crystal Palace is my local one and it is in almost
exactly the opposite direction so comes in off the back of the aerial. The
answer was to put it below the roof line so the house is int he way of
Hannington. Of course if it had anything at all regionally different it
might be worth me putting my double 18 ele stack up that way, but these days
tv is boringly the same.

Well, you won't get the Reading service on ch 29, because it's
co-channel with London Live from CP.

The Basingstoke service on Ch 51 might be possible, until the Guildford
mux opens up, also on 51 !

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