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Default New TV channel for BBC in Scotland

In article , David
Kennedy wrote:
On 22/02/2017 19:03, Scott wrote:

4. If broadcast from 7pm to midnight every evening where will the
capacity come from? Alba meant losing most of the radio stations so
what will be lost to make way for this new channel?

There are plenty of spare TV channels

But the number of channels the BBC produce is limited by what they can
afford and handle. Not by the total capacity of DVB transmitters.

5. This includes 19m in new money and 11m from programmes currently
made for BBC Two in Scotland. Does this imply an end to BBC Two

Why should it? It's not BBC 1 Scotland simply BBC Scotland

They may decide to end the practice of BBC2 HD in Scotland being a
duplicate of BBC2 HD in England. I'm wondering if this being presented as
'spin' as a 'new channel' when what is really happening is the start of
availability of BBC HD for opt-outs.

Time will tell...


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