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Default New TV channel for BBC in Scotland

On 22/02/2017 19:03, Scott wrote:

I am curious about some of this:

1. If the new channel is to be called BBC Scotland, will there still
be a BBC One Scotland? Will this not cause confusion?


2. It is claimed there will be a 'prominent' slot on the epg so I
assume this means availability on Freeview. I assume SD as there is
no mention of HD?

Not available for 18 months [ish] so plenty of time to work that out

3. The report goes on to say this will be available on iPlayer in HD
in Scotland and across UK. Does this breach platform neutrality rules
by offering HD on one platform and not the others?

See 2

4. If broadcast from 7pm to midnight every evening where will the
capacity come from? Alba meant losing most of the radio stations so
what will be lost to make way for this new channel?

There are plenty of spare TV channels

5. This includes 19m in new money and 11m from programmes currently
made for BBC Two in Scotland. Does this imply an end to BBC Two

Why should it? It's not BBC 1 Scotland simply BBC Scotland

6. What is the point of offering an integrated hour-long news
programme at 9pm on a minority channel rather than the 'Scottish Six'
on BBC One? This sounds like incurring the same cost for a very much
smaller audience.

To make up for the howls of protest coming from the Scots over many things -
such as not being interested in the problems of the English Health Service
which dominates the news and also to shut them up about the fact that for
every pound raised in Scotland in license fees 50pence of it gets spent in
An extra 30 million - the reported cost of the service - per year doesn't
sound mush like the same cost to me.

So, my questions:-

1. Are you Scottish?

2. Do you feel a) deprived, b) jealous, c) Indifferent?

3. If the Scots want their own news and programs then a) do you care enough to
deny it to them? and b) what are your reasons for doing it?

The UK is in general blanketed with English news; why not let the rest of the
country have a crack? It's not as if they're going to either force you to
watch it if you don't want to or prevent you from watching it if you do.

David Kennedy