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Default Missing channels?

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I'm in Derry, NI and wondering why I don't get CH4 HD and some other
channels. According to
I should be getting all channels in NI. The "missing" ones are
listed as from Mux COM7 HD which doesn't appear in the list for the
Limavady transmitter I'm using, here's what's the
This is a main, not relay, transmitter and I'm fairly certain the
"missing" channels like CH4 HD, Vintage TV and Aljazeera were there
there before they started messing about at the analogue switch off.
Have I lost these extra channels permanently?

Kenny Cargill

Never say never, but clearly Limavady is not one of the main sites
that has the extended channel set, Divis is the only site carrying
them in Northern Ireland. Unfortunately it doesn't look as though
there are any main stations in Scotland that could help either.
Ultimately at present your only option for 4HD is Freesat.

However opinion on this newsgroup is that is well less than a decade
the whole of the UK will move to DVB-T2 which is currently used for
HD, and that, as it is a more efficient modulation technique, could
mean you will get the additional channels.

I was wondering about that.

I am completely bemused now about this 'centre gap' stuff and whether
COM7 (is it still called that?) will continue. Could this mean that
when 700 MHz clearance takes place there will be no more BBC Four HD
or BBC News HD?

Also, when you say UK will move to DVB-T2 does this mean HD quality or
will there be SD quality for the likes of BBC Four instead?

PS If Scotland has another referendum and votes for independence, is
there any guarantee that BBC terrestrial channels will continue? (I
assume satellite reception will be guaranteed as it would be
impossible to focus the beams so as to exclude Scotland?)