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Default Humax overheating

On Sat, 18 Feb 2017 00:56:01 +0000
Davey wrote:

This evening, my running HDR Fox T2 would not respond to any controls,
not even the button on the front. I unplugged it, and powered it up
again, and it works.
Thanks to the Customised Firmware, I was able to see that it was
overheating, so I put a small fan on, pointing at it, and the
reported temp. inside came down from 55 deg. to 42 deg. Ok, that's
fine for tonight. Check one up for the CF; without it, I would have
had no indication what the cause of the problem was.

Tomorrow's job is clearly to open it up and clean the interior, as I
am assuming that it's plugged up with dust and cat fur. It has been in
exactly the same place for a couple of years, so this is new, and it's
not even spring yet, let alone summer.

Is opening it up as simple as I hope? If it's like a DVD player, it
will be a few Phillips screws, and the inside will be laid bare. Is it
really that simple, and are there any other things to look for while
it's opened up? It's well out of warranty.

Before doing this, I installed the firmware package for the fan
control, and set it at 24% minimum speed.

Opening it up was simply a matter of, indeed, undoing three screws,
with my convenient Swiss Army Knife. But amazingly, the interior is
absolutely spotless, no dust, no cat fur, nada, as far as I can see.

So I plugged the unit into a convenient power source, and waited for the
fan to run. It did not. Blowing at it makes it rotate a little, and
then return. I will leave it for a while, in case it needs some time
before starting, but maybe I need to install a new fan. Is there a good
known source, and specification? I somehow doubt that Humax will be
interested now. I would like to run it with the external fan until I
have a new fan available, before dismantling it, unless it just
entails undoing four screw and lifting the HDD casing away? Maybe Maplin
do a suitable fan? I looked for youtube videos, but only found lots of
reviews and guides to update HDDs etc.

All help most welcome.