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Default Humax overheating

On Sat, 18 Feb 2017 09:25:54 -0000
"Brian Gaff" wrote:

That temperature seems a little low for it to complain. I bet there
is something else going on or perhaps a chip with no temp sensor is
getting even hotter.

I have computer chips that run hotter than that when very busy.

Maybe, but that is what the Diagnostic page showed, in bright red, as
'Failing Now', so that's what I took as the problem. It's labelled
'Airflow Temp', so may not represent an actual chip temperature, which
might be higher.

Overnight, with no external fan, it's now at 31 deg. C.

The other puzzle is that there is an indicator on the front panel which
shows, in a tiny font, 'FULL', but the 1TB HDD is only ~70% full. I
can't say whether this is new or not, I never usually look that closely
at the front panel, I always use the remote control for everything.