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Default Humax overheating

In article , lid

This evening, my running HDR Fox T2 would not respond to any controls,
not even the button on the front. I unplugged it, and powered it up
again, and it works.
Thanks to the Customised Firmware, I was able to see that it was
overheating, so I put a small fan on, pointing at it, and the
reported temp. inside came down from 55 deg. to 42 deg. Ok, that's fine
for tonight. Check one up for the CF; without it, I would have had no
indication what the cause of the problem was.

Tomorrow's job is clearly to open it up and clean the interior, as I am
assuming that it's plugged up with dust and cat fur. It has been in
exactly the same place for a couple of years, so this is new, and it's
not even spring yet, let alone summer.

Is opening it up as simple as I hope?

Yep - just some screws, three I think at the back and the cover sides

If it's like a DVD player, it
will be a few Phillips screws, and the inside will be laid bare. Is it
really that simple, and are there any other things to look for while
it's opened up? It's well out of warranty.

When I changed the drive in mine I found a youtube video to follow -
worth it because the fan connector is a tricky sucker and you have to
disconnect that to change the drive.

I mention it, just in case you need to change the fan.

Meanwhile, are you sure about the overheating because all these machines
tend to run hot which is why there is a software fan package. I run mine
at 42%, permanently, as it used to go well above the 55 deg C threshold
suggested on the SMART page.

Also, although I have no experience of this on a Humax, computers tend
to be shut down by the firmware when they overheat - not just left to

But anyway, my room is quite cool at the moment and I am just watching a
recording, the Humax doing nothing else, and it is currently sitting at
39 deg C.