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On Monday, 13 February 2017 11:23:42 UTC, Brian Gaff wrote:

Is not freesat being a seperate mode now a little redundant, ie, anything
which is free to air should all be in one place be it officially in freesats
lists or not. We want simplisity, not complication in our lives.

Freesat is great for non-technical people who like to have a logical
progression starting with the local version of BBC1 as the first
channel, in the time honoured manner.

Other receivers will tune the channels in as they are received, first
come-first numbered in frequency order or in vertical then horizontal
frequency order with umpteen designated BBC1s and nearly as many
undesignated channels just called ITV, four BBC2s many channel4+1s then
all the other channels including religious and shopping output. This is
a bit of a dog's breakfast which many people cannot be bothered with.

Euronews has the unique quality of giving the same pictures with a
choice of nine soundtracks, so if you want to brush up your French etc,
then the sound is there.