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Default Ch 5 plus 1 glitch last night

A little unfair these days, as many of the programs are the same imports
that of the channels also show, but the main good part is that they do
bother to audio describe a lot of their output unlike others who when it
looks like they might need to the rename their station.

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Not many watch Channel 5.It is the Daily Mail of TV, without the
popularity of
the Online DM (10 million viewers a day)

On Sun, 12 Feb 2017 20:53:52 -0000, "Brian Gaff"


So what is going on then, one supposes nobody at the station ever watches
their output then.

It says new in the program guide if its been on before is this some new
meaning of new of which I Am unaware.

That sort of error would really annoy me if I were in charge of output.

I'm sure it was where adverts normal would have gone.



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