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Default Ch 5 plus 1 glitch last night

So what is going on then, one supposes nobody at the station ever watches
their output then.

It says new in the program guide if its been on before is this some new
meaning of new of which I Am unaware.

That sort of error would really annoy me if I were in charge of output.

I'm sure it was where adverts normal would have gone.


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"PeeGee" wrote in message
On 12/02/17 12:01, Brian Gaff wrote:
I am not sure if this was also in the original, but at the time normally
occupied for an ad break the whole program jumped back about three
and went over it again.
The adverts never appeared at all.
Has anyone seen this before, one supposes that the file triggering of
content in some automated system did not get updated correctly
I bet that cost somebody some money.
NCIS ie the most recent series they are showing.

That episode has been shown before with exactly the same "jump back".


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