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Yes most of the time it is fine. However sometimes the narrator does get a
bit carried away and forgets that we need who has come in and what facial
expressions are and who has a gun drawn and instead describes in detail the
pattern of of a sofa or something like that. Often less is more on AD,
sometimes not, but its probably hard to judge on some content.

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"Pinnerite" wrote in message
Yesterday evening, my wife and I had settled down to watch the final
of this serial drama.

Unfortunately, Mrs Pinnerite had 'pressed the wrong button' with the
that for the first time we were listening to an audio accompaniment. It
irritating at first. During the intervals we were feverishly trying to to
reverse the facility but didn't manage to so for quite some time.

However the delightfully measured tones in which the monologue was
had us in hysterics when we proceeded to emulate while continuing with
ordinary domestic tasks.

On the other hand, for the visually impaired it is very well done. and
be a terrific boon.

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