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On 07/02/17 09:37, Paul D Smith wrote:
"Jeff Layman" wrote in message news
Just picked this up in another NG:

Why is this relevant to this NG? Because Panasonic used Firefox OS in
some of their TVs. I have one and wonder who will be doing updates - if any?
Jeff, is there a simple way to know which models are affected?

Paul DS.

Not sure about UK models, but this webpage:
starts with "Since spring 2015, all of Panasonic’s TVs have been powered
by Firefox OS that provides access to Netflix, YouTube and other
services via apps. But this is the end. Mozilla has stopped all
commercial development of Firefox OS, including for TVs." That was
written 29 September last year. FlatpanelsHD asked Panasonic for a
comment, and later on the same page it says:

"In order to deliver the very best Smart TV experience to our consumers,
Panasonic has for the past few years combined our proprietary technology
with open source technology. To this end from 2015 we have shipped
Firefox OS in our TVs in order to give our users a simpler, easily
usable User Interface.

It is our intention to continue to build on this platform by integrating
the assets we have developed including Firefox OS and adopting evolving
open source technologies. By this we develop a superior, next generation
Panasonic Smart TV.

There is no change for customers who already have a Panasonic Smart TV
powered by Firefox, who can continue to enjoy a great Smart TV experience."

I've just sent a message to Panasonic support to ask them if Mozilla
will still be supporting the Firefox OS, or will Panasonic now be
supplying updates, and if so, for how long?