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On Mon, 06 Feb 2017 16:13:48 +0100, Martin wrote:

If you had ever done a labouring job requiring little brain power, you would
know that only the music keeps people awake in the middle of the night.

I've spent my working life as a steelworker, merchant seaman, soldier,
and for the last 25 years running a taxi company.
All of these involved shift work and/or being on call 24hrs a day
Falling asleep on the job means your employer will supply a P45 not a
radio to amuse you.

You never spent your days doing a totally moronic job like making a dent in a
tin lid with a press several times day.

A long time ago as a student I once did a labouring job at a steel
rolling mill, where we had to use 3ft long tongs to manhandle RSJs
still glowing cherry red from the rollers. We had to wear 2 inch thick
wooden clogs so we could walk about on these things. We didn't require
any threats from our employers to take extreme care not to fall asleep
doing that. I don't recall the provision of any music, but if there
was any we wouldn't have heard it anyway above the din.