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Default BBC1 Scheduling - Contempt for Viewers?

On Sat, 04 Feb 2017 16:25:30 +0000, Sam wrote:

For our sins we record and watch Father Brown on BBC1. Series 4 has just
finished and a new series starts next week. This will be series 5? No
way - the schedule shows that they start off with the first two episodes
of Series 3 and them jump to episode 6. What logic and thought for the

Series 5 finished airing its final episode last month on the 19th so I
hardly expect the Beeb to be airing it all over again this month. In this
case the answer to the question, "Too soon?" is a resounding "Yes!".

However, getting onto the question of random episode repeats, this is
far from the first time the Beeb have given the "Father Brown" series
this treatment. Series 2 which was originally aired back in January 2014,
then repeated the following January, had episodes 3 and 9 repeated mid
December last year just before embarking on showing the full 15 episodes
of the latest Series 5, starting on 23rd December with episode 1 before
continuing with episode 2 on Monday the 2nd January in an uninterrupted
weekday sequence finishing on Thursday the 19th January.

I guess the random selection of a couple of FB Series 2 episodes were
just "scheduling gap fillers" due, I expect, to an "unscheduled sporting
event under-run". Since these repeats made them available from the iplayer
servers again, I took the opportunity to refresh my earlier recordings
with higher def versions sans end credit vandalism which is why I was
able "To Remember" this oddball scheduling event.

Anyway, I guess you don't record as much of the Beeb's output as I've
been doing during the past decade or you'd not have bothered complaining
about such *minor* scheduling shenanigans, what with the Beeb being
habitual repeat offenders and all.

In this case, it's a repeat of a 15 episode series first shown in
January and February 2015 where episode 1 was aired last, preceded the
day before by episode 15 which had followed episode 14 aired some 4 weeks
earlier on the 22nd January. There's no rhyme nor reason to this "Unique
Way" the BBC order the showing of series episodes in this out of order
fashion. As we all (ought to) know by now, the Beeb are a law unto

In this case particularly (a series made up of self contained stories),
I wouldn't get your 'pants in a twist. I'm sure it'll all work out right
in the end. You'll see/record all 15 episodes eventually, even if there's
a week or four's gap somewhere in the sequence.

A month's gap is nothing compared the several months gaps I've seen with
some 3 and 4 episode series such as, for example "Earth's Seasonal
Secrets" which started with "Summer" 28th Aug last year followed by
"Autumn" 4 weeks later then "Winter" 13 weeks later again. I'm still
waiting for the 4th and final episode, presumably named "Spring", to
materialise in the Beeb's TV schedule. :-(

Maybe they're waiting for *this* year's Spring to complete the
commission. Who knows? It does seem a little odd to start the four
seasons with Winter rather than Spring but that's the thing with the
seasons I suppose, just like an Amusement Fair Roundabout ride, you can
hop on at any point and see every view in the same sequence regardless.

I suppose the fourth and final episode will eventually materialise and
I'll have the complete series to move onto the fileserver (NAS box to the
younger trendy generation). I'm not holding my breath since there are
plenty of other examples of the Beeb's "Unique Ways We Schedule
Broadcasts" to also not hold my breath for. :-)

Johnny B Good