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Default BBC1 Scheduling - Contempt for Viewers?

In other words nobody cares any more because nobody is there to uphold
standards. Its probably all automated anyway. You can hear this on many
channels when the wrong continuity piece gets edited in sometimes.
Never mind you can all sit down and watch Celebrity canal or barge boating
now. What fun!

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"Dickie mint" wrote in message
On 04/02/2017 18:10, Sam wrote:
What is the point of showing the programmes out of sequence. Doesn't the
viewers veiwing experience and enjoyment count for anything?

The best example was Pointless. Thread on here somewhere. The much
advertised 1000th episode was followed by 997? which mentioned the
forthcoming 1000th!

And if you watch Daytime crap, my wife does, the Bargain Hunt genre are
frequently shown mixed up. Here they put one new one on with a load of
oft repeated ones!