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Default BBC1 Scheduling - Contempt for Viewers?

On 04/02/2017 17:33, Dickie mint wrote:
On 04/02/2017 16:25, Sam wrote:
For our sins we record and watch Father Brown on BBC1. Series 4 has just
finished and a new series starts next week. This will be series 5? No
way - the schedule shows that they start off with the first two episodes
of Series 3 and them jump to episode 6. What logic and thought for the


Errr, your point is?

They are repeats, of series 3. Not a brand new series, that's next year.
Granted they jump over a few episodes, but each story is virtually
complete within itself.

Obviously they are repeats - series 3 comes before 4!

The individual episode is usually complete, unless it is in two parts,
but there is an ongoing background story. eg The change in the police
inspector - the appearance of the character Flambeau in various
episodes. The continuity is ruined if the episodes and series are out of

Bones has been mentioned in another response and in this case the
depiction of the relationship between Booth, Bones and Bone's students
become meaningless if shown out of sequence as there is no continuity in
the ongoing back story.

So my point is:

What is the point of showing the programmes out of sequence. Doesn't the
viewers veiwing experience and enjoyment count for anything?