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Default 700 MHz clearance starts March 1

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On Sat, 4 Feb 2017 09:48:43 +0000, Mark Carver

At Selkirk, for BBC A.

Nice of Ofcom et al to give plenty of notice (less than 4 weeks)
that many viewers' aerials will require replacement (at the viewer's
own expense ?). pdf

When they say 'a small proportion of group C/D aerials may need to be
updated', do they mean a small proportion of all the aerials (ie,
those that are group C/D) or do they meal all group C/D aerials?

Should read 'mean'.

Also what is 'T (wideband)'? I thought 'W' was wideband.

When new aerials are fitted nowadays, are they still tuned to a range of
channels (even if not as small a range as they used to be) or are they all
wideband nowadays, suitable for whatever changes Ofcom may make in the

That's an interesting question. Are the new 'wideband' aerials less
'wide' than they used to be if Ofcom have chopped off the top part of
the spectrum?