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Default lift conditions in recent days

In the old analogue days when all tv regions had different test cards and
programmes, It was great fun to have rotatable aerials. Even better in the
405 line days on band 3. Tyne Tees in Surrey and all that. On one occasion
Danish 625 line TV was coming in on Band 3 for a whole morning horizontally
polarised of course.
Played havoc with local stations that did.

I seem to recall though that traditionally these events happened from around
September onwards, but te effect is happening later these days.

Now sadly its so hard to find any area free from more local transmissions in
which to see more distant ones.
UHF was never as good and once the fill in vertically polarised stations
started it became more and more difficult to get distant ones due to more
local low power ones on the same channels.

All very annoying.

Nowadays any form of DX-ing is almost impossible unless you go to some place
very high up away from transmitters and the general rubbish we pump out from
wall warts and power line adaptors amongst other things.


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"Jeff Layman" wrote in message
On 29/12/16 22:26, Mark Carver wrote:
On 29/12/2016 20:57, David Wade wrote:

Perhaps its just the lift has not extended to the UHF

It certainly did here in Hampshire last night (Weds)

What mux/channel? I'm about 25km north of Rowridge and didn't notice any