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Default Local low-power transmitters

On Mon, 26 Dec 2016 09:24:07 +0000, Bill Wright

The best though was to have a Vodafone key as that got you into almost

When I was working I had 'engineering keys' to various hospitals.
Security was absurdly lax.

At the height of the IRA terrorism I once arrived at a sports venue to
install a TV set, and went completely unchallenged into a room where HRH
Princess Anne was due to set up camp later that day. In that room I
lifted ceiling tiles and could easily have planted a bomb. No-one took
the slightest notice.

I wonder how our general attitude to security is going to evolve in
light of the recent apparent realisation by religious murderers that
if you want to kill lots of people indiscriminately you don't even
need to use explosives. You don't need discreet contacts to obtain the
materials, or any expertise with chemistry or electronics, or
clandestime premises to manufacture the bombs, or to face the risk
that your enterprise might be discovered at any time.

All you need is a vehicle, and anybody can get hold of one of those
with no suspicion at all. Or you could just steal one, a practice that
has been commonplace for many years. It's difficult to imagine any
security measures that would eliminate this risk without rendering the
entire concept of motoring completely useless. A garage full of
homemade bombs would make their intended use pretty clear, but there's
nothing about a lorry or a van that tells you anything about what some
religious nutter might do with it.