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Default Local low-power transmitters

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On 25/12/2016 17:29, Woody wrote:

The best though was to have a Vodafone key as that got you into

When I was working I had 'engineering keys' to various hospitals.
Security was absurdly lax.

At the height of the IRA terrorism I once arrived at a sports venue
to install a TV set, and went completely unchallenged into a room
where HRH Princess Anne was due to set up camp later that day. In
that room I lifted ceiling tiles and could easily have planted a
bomb. No-one took the slightest notice.

The opposite side of that is prisons where the mantra seems to be
'trust no-one', yet they have phones, drugs, etc etc in there.
Everyone - visitors, staff, even prison transfer and police vehicles -
all went through the same procedure whether on foot or otherwise. I
got so fed up with it that I took the absolute minimum of test gear in
and used the works electrician's tools as he had a workshop next door
to the equipment room.


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