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Default Local low-power transmitters

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Mark Carver wrote:

On 24/12/2016 12:49, Jim Lesurf wrote:
I recall that the gate had a chain with a
'series' of padlocks. This was so the various site users could
have their own padlock and key rather than organising a shared

And there's mechanisms that are cleverer and neater than a chain,

Bottom shot he-

Going to a mid-point when working for ITN Links I always carried a
hacksaw and a padlock.

Remove a link from the chain and replace it with the padlock.


Since we had four different types of padlock it was not unusual -
especially on sites with PMR as well - to find two or even three of
them in the chain. Easy.

The best though was to have a Vodafone key as that got you into almost


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