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Default I dislike ordering stuff that is not in stock

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On 01/12/2016 11:18, Andy Burns wrote:
Ian Jackson wrote:

I have a tiny transformer which is 120V in, 6V
out. However, it is out of an aircraft, where the onboard 'mains' used
to be 600Hz. If I fed it with 120V 50Hz, there would be a big bang.

Not 400Hz?

Should be, yes.

Yonks ago I used my mains powered shaver on a plane, it didn't sound
happy, though it still did the job.

I'd have expected that sockets which were intended to be used by the public,
rather than for avionics etc, would be 60 Hz (or 50 Hz for 240 V) for that
very reason, even if it has to be generated by rotary converter or
rectifier/inverter from the plane's own 400 Hz supply.