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On Wed, 30 Nov 2016 22:14:25 +0000
David Woolley wrote:
On 30/11/16 12:34, d wrote:
Surely it would be the other
way around since a higher frequency contains more energy for a given max
amplitude (in this case voltage)?

That's not true. The energy depends on all of time, current and
voltage. For the same voltage and same time period, and as long as the
current (and its phase relationship to the voltage) is the same, the
energy consumption is the same.

I think I was getting confused with audio where power scales with frequency
presumably because the faster you have to shove air molecules backwards and
forwards for a given amplitude the more energy is required to do it and with a
DC signal obviously there is no sound.

The only sense in which the energy goes up with frequency is at the
quantum level, but the energy in one photon at 50Hz is miniscule, about
3.313E-32 Joules, or 0.0000003313 yotto Joules.

See above.