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Default Lack of logic grumble - Humax Freesat HD

"Davey" wrote in message
On Mon, 28 Nov 2016 12:15:44 +0000
Andy Burns wrote:

Martin wrote:

David wrote:

I wasn't aware that I was using my obvious psychic ability to cue
up the individual recordings.

I'd guess that they think most people would use the controller to
pause for a T/P break before the three hour point is reached.

I thought the point was that he *had* been using the controller to
start each successive recording, but it still timed-out?

Yes, it is three hours or so after I have last done anything other than
starting to watch the recording. It ignores the fact that I started to
watch it as an event to reset the shutdown clock.
It's not a problem, just slightly annoying, and unnecessary.

Could it be that it's not the Box complaining but the TV/Screen, I some
times get this
happen on my Samsung TV, when I watch the STB for a long period, oh time.