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Default BBC bias: Corbyn and le Penn interviewed on the Andrew Marrprogramme

On 14/11/16 20:13, Rod Speed wrote:

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On 14/11/2016 12:05, Bill Wright wrote:
On 14/11/2016 09:19, Chris Green wrote:
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Personally I think le Pen is further right than Corbyn is left but I
suspect you might disagree.

It isn't really quantifiable is it?

Not easily no, but your original posting depends on it as much as my
reply surely??

Yes it does, so you can probably guess what I think. One way of
assessing how far to the left or right a politician is might be to
imagine how much good or bad they could do if they came to power. On
that basis I'd say Mr Corbyn is an extremist because Marxism would
destroy the economy and Stalinism would destroy free speech.
I can't imagine that Mme le Pen could do that much damage.

how many times has capitalism destroyed the economy ?

Never, even the Great Depression didn’t destroy the economy
and neither did any of the considerable number of full
depressions we saw in the century before 1929 either.

In that sense 'the economy' will never go away and can't be destroyed
because even tribes without money can be said to have an 'economy' of
some kind based on barter or sea shells or something. The words can only
mean 'do severe damage to the economy or to prosperity' and yes,
capitalism often does severe damage to the economy and to prosperity.

Tim W