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Default OT. Channel Four are as bad as the BBC sometimes

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On 12:12 8 Nov 2016, Martin wrote:

On Tue, 08 Nov 2016 11:55:17 GMT, pamela

On 20:06 7 Nov 2016, Bill Wright wrote:

I've just watched John Snow's report from the US. Utter total
one-sided bias against Trump. Staggeringly one-sided. Now
Dispatches are on about the housing shortage. They mention
that it's partly due to the 'massive population increase' but
they don't say why the population has increased.


Worse than Jon Snow is the previous economics editor for Channel
4 News, Paul Mason. He's pleasant enough on the telly but very
left leaning and a good mate of wacko Greek economist and
self-proclaimed "game theorist", Yanis Varoufakis, who tried to
bluff Grexit with the EU but lost.

You forgot "British educated and qualified economist"
Varoufakis. My dentist is related to him, a cousin or aunt??
Varoufakis has recently told Brexit negotiators to expect the
same treatment from the EU hierarchy as he got. I expect worse.
Greece's problems are that German banks lent Greece billions to
spend on German imports encouraged by the German government.
Greece can't repay the loans.

It's true that the EU played its part in letting Greece get into a
financial pickle.

However it was that wonderful duo, Varoufakis and Tsipras, who
misread their hand and felt Greece was too big to fail. They
played their hand accordingly, with devious twists and turns,
until they ran out of options and lost what little goodwill the EU
had towards them. Plucky little Greece got a bloody nose and is
still recovering.

Its far from clear that it will recover given what was imposed.

Let's hope self-confident Britain doesn't
also misread the EU in the negotiations.

Doesn’t matter if it does, its free to trade under the WTO rules.