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Default 4k TV on Freesat or Freeview?

On Fri, 4 Sep 2015 11:21:50 +0100, _Unknown_Freelancer_ /dev/null wrote:

No need to apologise.

I wasn't.

Yes you did.
"I'm sorry but............"

The words may say that and you may infer what you like, but it wasn't
an apology. Or do I need to spell it out?

The ADSL2 modem syncs to 14Mb/s
Transfers top out at 12-13Mb/s
To quote a lyric, and thats just the way it is. ....not faulty.

Your understanding is flawed. Or you are exaggerating about being
'next door' to the exchange.
Why don't you provide some evidence like your line attenuation and
SNR margin figures?

No. Not exaggerating.
I could go out my front door, throw a handy pebble and smash an exchange
window without leaving the property.

And if I really must:
SNR 8.0 dB - not much noise there then

That's a margin and it's rather high for a 'perfect' short cable.
Your lack of understanding is showing again.

Attenuation 12.5 dB - that will be a short length of wire

At least you got that right.

Sync speed 14335 kb/s - meh

Once you fix your SNR margin for whatever reason it's wrong, then this
will improve.

Here is one of mine:
Sync 19019
SNR 3.8
Attenuation 29
and that's on a mile of cable.

Are you still convinced yours is faultless?
Something is wrong - the exchange equipment, the line or your router.
You should be getting 20k+ easily.

And how exactly can the ISP affect the sync speed of the router? This
is outside their realm of control. You are clearly beyond the boundaries
of your knowledge.

Thats a metaphorical mighty handbag you're holding there.

Where abouts precisely in that parahraph did I employ the words "sync speed" ?

How about:

"The ADSL2 modem syncs to 14Mb/s"

Er, that is the sync. speed, as you well know. Stop playing games.

My point was that they _intentionally_ throttle EVERYONE'S bandwidth down
until they begin to get complaints.
Doing so defines a lower limit to which their customers find acceptable.

What do they throttle it down to then? Mine is throttled down to the speed
that the line supports. If the sync. speed changes for whatever reason, the
throttle speed changes to match.
How many samples are you basing your claim on? One?

As I have written previously, I am quite happy with my 12Mb/s connection.

That's irrelevant as to whether your circuit is performing properly or not.
You claim it is. I'm telling you it isn't. You refuse to believe reality.
I don't really care whether you find it acceptable or not, but I do care
about your ignorant, arrogant attitude and refusal to accept that you can
possibly be wrong about something.