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Default 4k TV on Freesat or Freeview?

On Sat, 22 Aug 2015 12:56:00 +0100, _Unknown_Freelancer_ wrote:

FTR, I live right next to a major BT exchange.
There isnt even a cabinet between me and the exchange.
I get 13Mb/s!! (twisted pair phone line)

Your cable is faulty then.

No, its not faulty.
Its been tested. No faults.

I'm sorry but it is (or your modem/router is, or has set an excessively
high SNR margin). Whether BT Opensore classify it as a fault is a
different matter.

No need to apologise.

I wasn't.

The ADSL2 modem syncs to 14Mb/s
Transfers top out at 12-13Mb/s
To quote a lyric, and thats just the way it is. ....not faulty.

Your understanding is flawed. Or you are exaggerating about being
'next door' to the exchange.
Why don't you provide some evidence like your line attenuation and
SNR margin figures?

I have a colleague who works for a known ISP.
Aparently an industry practice is for ISPs to intentionally turn down data
rates for domestic ADSL connections.
If they start to get complants they turn them back up marginally..... then,
bizarely, they get 'thanks' for fixing the 'problem'.

And how exactly can the ISP affect the sync speed of the router? This
is outside their realm of control. You are clearly beyond the boundaries
of your knowledge.

[snip the pointless story]