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Default 4k TV on Freesat or Freeview?

On 02/08/2015 14:06, Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
So when, if ever, will any of the Freesat or Freeview channels
convert to 4K?

Sky is apparently launching a new 4K and/or UHD compatible SkyQ box later
this year and has plenty of satellite bandwidth to cope with the higher (up
four times HD) demands of UHD (remember how the BBC and Sky conjured up 20
or more new HD channels for the last Olympics).

The BBC did UHD test transmissions using DVB-T2 from three main
transmitters last year, but has been giving up it's satellite transponders
to save money, so seems unlikely to want to offer free to air UHD in the
near future.

So I'd guess the only free to air UHD will be state subsidised European and
Arabic broadcasters, and a German shopping channel.


worth waiting before buying a tv though.
if sky uses 120fps for their broadcasts as rumoured there's probably
nothing on sale now that will show them at their best.

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