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Default BBC to back radical overhaul of how Corporation is funded

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Paul Ratcliffe wrote:

There are lots of things that I don't want to pay for in life,
forced to by the state. And they cost a ****ing lot more than

Agreed. Paying for health tourism for instance.

Did anyone notice....

Farage made the comment about 7000 HIV on the debate the other
He was immediately harangued by the Welsh woman and that has been
shown over and over, but Sturgeon then piped up and said something
about 'they are not figures, they are people in need of our help'
which notably hasn't been shown even once that I have seen.

As for BBC impartiality (ha!) on the PM programme last night (R4)
had some woman on going over the figures saying it was not 7000
6000, and then gradually breaking the number down until it was
1500 - completely overlooking the fact that this was still a cost
nearly 4m. Oh, and of course they did let (even ask) UKIP to
challenge or discuss these figures - NOT!

OTOH nobody gave the number of British who are treated in the EU
outside UK
every year and Farage never mentions the 2 million UK expats, who
rely on the
medical and social services of the countries they live in.


Ah but Martin, you are overlooking the fact that most (all?) of
European healthcare other than the UK is based on insurance so there
is a structure in place to charge for services. That is the main
problem in the UK that the care is free (to anyone) at the point of
need and there is no means of making charges.

Like Farage, you over look the fact that if UK leaves the EU, a very
number of British impoverished expats will arrive in UK. :-)

It also works against the indigenous population as well. My wife
suffers from an untreatable condition that affects her balance and
caused hearing impairment. She was advised by the Consultant that
needs two hearing aids so that she will still be able to balance -
will upset the condition - but the NHS will only supply one.

what is possib;le is limited by UK National insurance contributions.
People pay
far more for health insurance in some places outside UK. They also
pay far
higher pension contributions and income tax.

There has never been any obligation on the UK to provide free medial
to all comers any more than there is an obligation to allow people
who can;t
support themselves to take up residence. Other countries send people
like that

won't even let her buy the second, she will have to go private for
both at considerable cost if she needs two as recommended.
Consequently the lack of ability to handle charges has resulted in
having to put up with partial deafness so that she can be active.
is that fair?

The situation is the same with my health insurance in the
Except in serious cases, it only covers up to 90% of the cost.

She could try turning up at a Dutch hospital with her E111 card in
her hand. :-)

A near Dutch neighbour went to Newcastle for a hip replacement
operation. He
caught a bug, which AFAIK eventually killed him. I'm not sure why
he went to
Newcastle, when we have a very good hospital about a mile away and a
teaching hospital 2 miles away.

For the record it has been EH1C and not E111 for about six years.


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