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Default BBC to back radical overhaul of how Corporation is funded

"Bill Wright" wrote in message
Paul Ratcliffe wrote:

There are lots of things that I don't want to pay for in life, but
forced to by the state. And they cost a ****ing lot more than ~150

Agreed. Paying for health tourism for instance.

Did anyone notice....

Farage made the comment about 7000 HIV on the debate the other night.
He was immediately harangued by the Welsh woman and that has been
shown over and over, but Sturgeon then piped up and said something
about 'they are not figures, they are people in need of our help'
which notably hasn't been shown even once that I have seen.

As for BBC impartiality (ha!) on the PM programme last night (R4) they
had some woman on going over the figures saying it was not 7000 but
6000, and then gradually breaking the number down until it was about
1500 - completely overlooking the fact that this was still a cost of
nearly 4m. Oh, and of course they did let (even ask) UKIP to
challenge or discuss these figures - NOT!


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