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Default projecting an image

On 03/04/2015 20:13, michael adams wrote:
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I need to project or otherwise place an image on a wooden board so I can paint it on
the board by using it as a guide. I don't have an overhead projector. I have some
transparent media for a laser printer and I have a 60 year old 6cm projector in the
loft but I don't want to dig it out and the bulb will blow and the whole thing will be

Isn't there some way the old painter guys used to do this, just with a mirror or

Come on gentlemen and ladies, ideas?

You need a lens from an old 35mm single lens reflex camera. Mount it, eg in a hole
through another board, so you can securely position it where necessary between the
well-illuminated original and the target board so as to form an image on it of the
right size.

You may need to darken the room, especially if the image you want is large.

The resulting image would be upside down and reversed left-right.

That's where all the mirrors, prisms and all the rest of the
tricky stuff comes in.

michael adams


Upside down isn't a problem, and you could mirror the image by taking a
digital photo, reversing in software and printing.