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Default projecting an image

Roger Mills wrote:
On 03/04/2015 18:25, Bill Wright wrote:
I need to project or otherwise place an image on a wooden board so I can
paint it on the board by using it as a guide. I don't have an overhead
projector. I have some transparent media for a laser printer and I have
a 60 year old 6cm projector in the loft but I don't want to dig it out
and the bulb will blow and the whole thing will be annoying.

Isn't there some way the old painter guys used to do this, just with a
mirror or something?

Come on gentlemen and ladies, ideas?


Do you know anyone who would lend you the sort of projector that plugs
into a computer? If so, you could take a digital photo of the image and
then project it from a laptop.

I discounted this, but thinking again I will ask my IT shop. They are
very helpful.