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Default projecting an image

michael adams wrote:
"Bill Wright" wrote in message ...
I need to project or otherwise place an image on a wooden board so I can paint it on the
board by using it as a guide. I don't have an overhead projector. I have some
transparent media for a laser printer and I have a 60 year old 6cm projector in the loft
but I don't want to dig it out and the bulb will blow and the whole thing will be

Isn't there some way the old painter guys used to do this, just with a mirror or

Come on gentlemen and ladies, ideas?


You don't say what the relative sizes are, but you could scale
up the image using grids. Draw a grid on the image and a
proportionally larger grid on the board which will show you
where the outlines cross so as to keep it on proportion

or lash up a pantograph

using some pieces of timber. Which just needs a two pencil
sized holes - one to trace and one to draw, and holes drilled
to take the pivots where the arms cross.

michael adams

Now that might just work. Definitely worth a try. I can print the
original any size I want, so scaling would be easy.