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On Fri, 23 Jan 2015 07:48:06 +0000, Mark Carver

My complaint about this to R Humberside has gone unanswered.

I believe on some stations, the flag is set automatically by playing the
jingle, (It used to be an audio tone on one of the cartridge tracks.)
and if there's silence at the end of the track, all it takes is for
someone to forget to fade down the now silent track, or in the case of a
cart based jingle unit, for them to forget to stop the cart.

Today many commercial stations use in band DTMF tones, embedded into the
travel jingle audio as it's played off of the server or effects box. In
this system of course the jingle has to be faded up to air, for the
system to trigger and release properly. However, the Beeb don't use that
system, Mr Ratcliffe might give us chapter and verse on that.......?

Some stations use in band signalling, but using sub-audible tones rather
than DTMF. Don't know more than that other than it has a habit of causing
false triggering on certain programme material.
More enlightened stations (IMHO! which includes the two I oversee) don't use
this rubbish and instead use triggers from the audio playout systems to the
control system (typically using GPIs).
The downside with this is that the "on" and "off" triggers need programming
in conjunction with the audio and sometimes for odd reasons they seem to
get divorced from each other in the running order.
Lack of the "off" trigger is the one that causes the trouble of course as
you would never know about missing the "on" trigger.