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When we bought our Panasonic recently, the sales droid assured us it
could record to USB. This was completely untrue. It will play lots of
formats that are given to it via USB, but recording - no.

(Have you been back for a refund, or partial one?)

TV manufacturers don't provide that because they wouldn't sell
recorders afterwards.

Some of the smaller sets (of which, among high street shops, Maplin seem
to be the only one to sell them; anywhere else you're unlikely to find
less than a 19") _do_ have this facility, though you have to read the
specs very carefully, as more (if not most) do have USB connectivity,
but as SimonM says only for playback. (In fact I think there may only be
one 7" model and one 10" that have record-to-USB ability.)

(Unfortunately, most of these sets - like their less portable cousins -
don't have any more sensitivity, meaning their apparent portability
isn't, except in very strong signal areas.)
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