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On 22/01/2015 19:57, Bill Wright wrote:
Roger Mills wrote:

Like when I have Radio 2 on in the car and Radio Humberside put a
traffic announcement out and Radio Humbersides programs stay on and it
not return to Radio 2?

No. That's usually the radio station forgetting to reset the
appropriate flag at the end of the traffic interrupt.

My complaint about this to R Humberside has gone unanswered.

I believe on some stations, the flag is set automatically by playing the
jingle, (It used to be an audio tone on one of the cartridge tracks.)
and if there's silence at the end of the track, all it takes is for
someone to forget to fade down the now silent track, or in the case of a
cart based jingle unit, for them to forget to stop the cart.

Its done on some stations by the hard drive playout system..
Tony Sayer